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Hi there, does TalkTree currently support GMS2?

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unless GmS2 has changed the way DS grids work, it should be compatible. Try opening the demo project in GMS2 to see for yourself!😊

Good point, I'll try that! Thanks.


I've had no problems with it. And it's great.

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It does. I've been running the example project in GMS2 and imported my own dialogue trees without any problems.

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Hi I'm Korean student who wants to make RPG Game and have some questions

The question is.. does this program support Korean by fixing the program?

I tried Demo version but, didn't support

Also I tried other textbox engines(not this program), but it's hard to use or does not print word well

for example (Korean words' system is kinda complicated...)

(this example, what happens when I use korean in the other engine)

I want to print text such as " Hi, this is cool textbox engine" so when I type into the textbox, textbox prints "H , th s s cool textbox eng ne" (sorry for lack of explanation)

so what I want to know is.. if I add font that supports Korean, does it work well?

well.. I want to make sure before buy this program

For this program I've used Game Maker's default text features which I don't believe support any sort of foreign languages. If your messages don't display well in the demo, they probably wouldn't work in the full version. Sorry!!

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A couple of bugs in 1.1:

  • If you delete a page that still has something linked to its input node, the program crashes, with the error being "FATAL ERROR in action number 1 of Draw Event for object o_node_orange: Unable to find any instance for object index '100040' name '<undefined>' at gml_Object_o_node_orange_Draw_0"
  • After clicking the trash can icon to delete a page, when the confirmation dialog to delete opens, pressing No will still delete the page. The same thing happens with comments, but not the actions inside pages. (Selecting items and pressing the Delete key will open a prompt that works properly though.)
  • If a page has multiple answers linked to different routes and you delete an answer, the remaining answers below it will move up to fit, but their respective links will not. (So if you had a yes/no choice leading to separate dialogue routes, and you deleted the "yes", the "no" answer would now be linked to the "yes" route.)
  • I tried testing the first bug out by creating a list of 4 actions linked to 4 pages. I deleted action 2, which caused the link lines to connect to the wrong pages as before. Deleting the now "orphaned" page with a 4 in the body causes the same error as the first bug. The link to the test file is here, the section name is Blue:

Oh my, nobody's mentioned these to me before! I will look into them ASAP.


Everything should be fixed, I just uploaded a new version of the program. So sorry you had to deal with all those bugs!

That was an excellent response time! The issues do seem to be completely gone now. Thank you very much!

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I just bought this program yesterday and I just tried using it today.

I made a dialogue tree that had a total of 9 pages and about 14 options total.

I imagine this is not a lot of memory since one page can have a max of 25 options.

When I was adding the final page, a message appeared that said "warning: no memory" or something along those lines and crashed the whole program.

I never got a chance to save and I could probably easily redo it in about 10 minutes, but I was wondering if things like this happen often, because if they do then working on bigger projects will be a pain.

btw, I checked the storage space on my computer and there is still 762/904 GB(gigabytes) free.

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That's... bizzare. Nobody's complained about that before. Can you email me so we can work this out? adventuredungeondevs @


Ya sure, I can't believe you responded within 5 hours of my complaint, thanks.


Thanks for all the help, you really went above and beyond to help me with a problem that was my fault.

You always responded very quickly and with very helpful advice, thank you again so much.

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This is cool :) before I download it, will this work for games made using RPG maker? For example: RPG Maker MV, and VX Ace?

Hello, Sakurahan.

TalkTree is built to export dialog trees as data grids stored in INI files. As far as I know, RPG Maker is too limited to read these.


It's not necessarily that RPG Maker doesn't read INI files, but the ds_maps it writes are only easily decoded by Game Maker (and as far as I know there isn't much out there on the Internet on decoding them yourself).

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Hi, I am wondering how can I download this editor If I purchased Branching Dialog Tree Editor ( before it was renamed to

Talktree? Thank you!


Hey LLC,

TalkTree is a new program built from the ground up with new functionality and professional quality. This program is not associated with the original 2014 Dialog Tree Editor, so you'll have to purchase it separately.


hi, I think it is an incredible solution, was watching the demo and are not completely understood how is structured data, you think I can see the PDF beforebuy?, to see if it fits what I need. thank you.


Sure thing! I've added the manual as a free downloadable demo file.

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hi! i can't manage to save files at all with this program, even when i run it as admin.

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I havent heard any other reports of this, J. Could you email so we can investigate?


definitely! thanks for the prompt reply. i'd really love to use this program.