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The game window goes outside my screen, and I can't see it or move it back.
Windows 10 on 4k resolution

Thats... Bizzare? I'm using the built in window_center function, maybe if isn't set up for 4k

Hmm... I can see the window outside the screen(lower right) when I minimize it, but I can't move it by shift-right clicking the taskbar and selecting move. It just won't budge :(


Really nice concept!

Thank you!

This game is pretty cool, I like how have to worry about lasers instead of just hitting the ball.

I feel like the direction for the lasers should be telegraphed a bit more since I found them a bit hard to dodge

whenever i tap install on android it wont work its the 1st time that happened

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Do you have a screen overlay like Twilight or Screen Dimmer? Android won't let you tap install if something is covering up the button

its works now nice game too. 1 question when is the breath of the nes like game would release?


Breath of the NES is on hold, sorry!!