Official Release!

It's been a long and exciting process, but I've finally added every feature I wanted, squashed every bug I could find, and grown Paint Defense into the uniquely hectic take on the tower defense genre that it was always meant to be! This was a longer and more challenging process than my last project, and I hope that my efforts have created a product that will offer hours of fun to a wide audience of people! 

If you want to support the project but don't have any money, don't forget that you can always help out by rating the project (in the top right of the store page)! We currently only have 4 ratings despite having 200+ downloads on the beta alone! In addition, you can support me and follow my future projects by following my twitter, @winterdrake_

From the bottom of my heart, thank you to everyone who has supported me throughout the game's development, and especially everyone who have already purchased the game. Your support has meant the world to me and I hope I can keep making games for a long time.


  • Added a star ranking system for more replay value! The fewer lives you lose during a level, the higher your star ranking! Can you ace all the game's levels?
  • Clicking the wave preview will send the next wave
  • Improved detail of paint splatters
  • Added little animations for selling or upgrading towers
  • Added extra time in between waves
  • Increased the clickable area of buttons
  • Bugfixes


Paint Defense for Tablets.apk 13 MB
Apr 10, 2020
Paint 9 MB
Apr 10, 2020

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