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Why is everybody trippin on Nintendo wanting this removed? Has no one seen this ? They already made a 2d BOTW. Perhaps they have plans for a future release. Check 4:18 in this vid. I don't like the way they pull EVERYTHING off the net that we fans think is cool and creative but I can see the business side of things too. I would love to play This! So with all that said... Since you're always there watching NINTENDO!! Add your official  version as FREE DLC for Breath of the Wild!!!! 😆😆😂😎


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can you send me the file by email:


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To download the game is here

email me:


Which engine was used? How do I edit the game? (do not worry, I'll edit just for me to play anyway)

Please Someone Email Me This Game, I Would Love You!
My Email:

+Vuxify do you still want it?

can somebody send me the link to this game pls?

i really needed this gameeeeee 

hello can someone please email me the file? 


i want the down load


i want the down load

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I was lucky to get it while it was still up :) (I have Ver 1.3)

can you send me the file by email?

DM me for the last version hosted on, the 3rd build.

I don't know how the fuck to dm you

I was on the wrong website tbh. Preeeeeeeeeeeety stupid comment overall.

can I still do you for a download link?


what ur email

can you send me a download? can you email it please?


screw Nintendo for banning this

ay bruh hmu i have the v3 build

hey email me pls?


can someone send me the download link!!!!!

Check description:)

Glad I downloaded it before Nintendo found it.

can you send a file?

I can DM


send it on twitter @khalimdorf



How do you download it?

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You can't. It got copy-wronged by Nintendo.

DM me I can send it to you

how do I down load it??

how do I down load it??

What's your email?

Do you still have the game and if so can you send me a download please. Iwould appreciate it a lot.

how do i get it?

can I download it


How do I download this? Or is it unavailable?


it's unavailable

Amigo no se como descargar tu demo ayudame porfavor

No se puede. Actualmente está baneado su demo. Lo va a rehacer todo el proyecto y ya no se llamará así, para q Nintendo no le pueda reclamar nada. Quizá encuentres algun link d descarga en los comentarios.

it would be awesome if in your next project like this to make a little nod to this demo. keep up the amazing work!!

Drake, this is incredible. I think it was wrong of Nintendo to shut this project down. Could you make the protagonists tunic green?


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winterdrake, your work is remarkable. But unfortunately your work has been suppressed. But a software called Scratch is an educational software so it can not be suppressed. I worked on a demo in French and English that you can take back if you want. :

Quisiera pedirte permiso para grabar el juego y compartir el link esta pagina para que mis suscriptores lo descarguen ^^ si se podria? 

¡si por supuesto!

There is a fake app for cellphone, called "Breath of the NES", which is phising your, cause only show screencaps & ads. You should report, mate.

PS: Could you upload, where we can test the game online, when you have a final version?

whoa, interesting! I've never had that happen with a game of mine before.

When the new game is playable I'll be sure to share it with you all!!

hi i know the game was taken down but if you would ever want to translate the game to arabic i the future i would be more than happy to help

by the way do you have any idea when you can get the game running again im interested to see what you will make it to since you have to change it now


This game has a lot of potential and I really enjoyed playing it :) Can't wait for more updates to come, so excited to see what new things will be added to this game!

How do i dowload the game ^^ I would love to play it !

Sry for bothering some people but i'm new to this...


It's in the description. Nintendo won't let him host the game, so he had to take it down.

This Demo is very nice, but I hate that I have to replay the whole Demo when I was killed...   Sorry for the bad English 

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tu peut sauvegarder en cliquant sur le petit symbole (s/c) en haut, tu as le choix de le sauvegarder en ligne ou avec un code, tu as une sauvegarde auto tous les 10min, lorsque tu tue tous les ennemies d'une map ils disparaissent, mais il y a la lune de sang qui les fait réapparaître.

pour ma langue, je suis français, ton ordinateur te traduit automatiquement mon texte et connaissant google traduction, il traduit toujours tous de travers.

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Je vous propose une version demo faite en deux semaines pour remplacer celui là

https: // ...

Oh my gosh i'm so sad this got shut down ;-;

Version 1.3 is on TPB


link please!QwVERDpK!MfFioHejSyjfaVeQEmOW0lhYfxmfiPg8hN4Oy7gyRjA is this 1.3

what's the decryption key for the Breath of the NES demo?

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