A downloadable game

Unfortunately, Nintendo has asked me to take stop hosting the game. It can no longer be downloaded. Follow my future projects on twitter!

After being inspired by Nintendo's 2D prototype of Breath of the Wild, I've decided to try out making my own fan-game! Breath of the NES offers a new adventure in the classic Zelda style, but with smooth animations and a more interactive world!

The demo lets you play around in a mini overworld, testing out the gameplay, and discovering tons of fun items! Please let me know what you think!!


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I also use a Mod version on https://happyandroid.net/, this is one of my favorite apps, with a Mod Apk version that I have used.

Although this app has been discontinued, you can find them on https://apkmouse.com/ with a Mod version.

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Le son de Zelda est meilleur que jamais. Essayez d'écouter une Sonnerie Gratuite de Zelda.


Great if people use online jpg to png converter tools as their main daily job at: jp4png


Thanks for this DEMO version, I really like the sound here.(klingeltöne)


can i get program files to adjust in gamemaker since its not getting updated


RIP this project...




this is me finding out you cant downdlod the go any more :(


I played this game and loved it.  Do you have any idea when your complete version will be done.


I really like the sound of Zelda. You can listen over at https://sonnerietelephone.net/telecharger-sonnerie-sms-zelda/


Heres a download link for anyone that still wants a copy- 


Its might get taken down soon though, so get it quick :)


Dude, You're my hero

Thank you so much!


how do i install this fucking shit

Deleted 316 days ago



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how can i download this

Deleted 319 days ago

you could use this sprite i found

I want to help with something on this game.

winterdrake please send me an editable version of this game my email is mario3dworld14(at)gmail(dot)com

Did you read the description? He cannot legally distribute this game at all anymore.

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I heard somewhere that he was going to replace the sprites  

You might be thinking of a different game, Zelda maker. I know this is a hundred days late, but there was a game called Zelda Maker where the creator got a cease and desist whatever and decided to make his own game out of it (Adventure Maker: Runiya, if you're curious). I can't be certain this is what you're thinking of, but it happened around the same time, so it's possible. Hope that helps, even if tremendously late.

i know about adventure maker i mean this game

Hey, if anyone has a later version of the game than the one linked on dropbox below please email me: 'wilbuoy (at) gmail (dot) com'

Does this game have no save state or does it have?


Can someone email me the latest version of the game? marezz (AT) gmx (DOT) com


I could be a pixel designer for BOTN V2 if you need, I'm not good with shading though, what program would I need for it?


what are you doing?

el cuerpo debe ser una cuerda


Created an account just for this someone please email me an updated version with more stuff. email: thedconstructoromega@gmail. P.S I WILL ALWAYS WANT IT.

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I'm not WinterDrake but I can tell you that I'm bringing the game back to life! It will take a very long time though because I don't know how to program some things that have been displayed in the v1.3 Demo. Once I get the basics done I will further the world with more stuff.

YAY!!! But wait... Winters YT has shown of that he's working on it too, v2.0 

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WinterDrakes YouTube did show V2 of Breath of the NES but that was before Nintendo Claimed Copyright on his demo. He will not be continuing his focus on Breath or the NES anymore!

Why is everybody trippin on Nintendo wanting this removed? Has no one seen this ? They already made a 2d BOTW. Perhaps they have plans for a future release. Check 4:18 in this vid. I don't like the way they pull EVERYTHING off the net that we fans think is cool and creative but I can see the business side of things too. I would love to play This! So with all that said... Since you're always there watching NINTENDO!! Add your official  version as FREE DLC for Breath of the Wild!!!! 😆😆😂😎

I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but this was just a demo to show off some of the concepts of the game in a simpler space, without spoiling it.
This game is actually BASED ON that demo.


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To download the game is here



email me: nathanwaynesabins@gmail.com


Which engine was used? How do I edit the game? (do not worry, I'll edit just for me to play anyway)

1.creo que uso Gamemaker estudio

Please Someone Email Me This Game, I Would Love You!
My Email: Vuxifiy@gmail.com

+Vuxify do you still want it?

GamerGuy23 Can you please send me the game!  

can somebody send me the link to this game pls?

i really needed this gameeeeee 

hello can someone please email me the file? 


i want the down load

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