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After being inspired by Nintendo's 2D prototype of Breath of the Wild, I've decided to try out making my own fan-game! Breath of the NES offers a new adventure in the classic Zelda style, but with smooth animations and a more interactive world!

The demo lets you play around in a mini overworld, testing out the gameplay, and discovering tons of fun items! Please let me know what you think!!

The demo is totally free of course, since I do not own Nintendo's Zelda properties, but if you want to support development, you can choose to donate when you download! Thank you!!

PS: Works with keyboard or gamepad

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-Link now has 50% more invulnerability frames after being hurt
-The Korock Leaf now deflects projectiles
-Increased the Korock Leaf's damage from 1 to 2
-Redesigned the dungeon 2 enterance so you can't get stuck anymore
-Fixed skeletons being immune to arrows
-Fixed the controls for <SECRET> being misrepresented when using a controller
-Fixed apple trees not dropping baked apples when burned
-Fixed some mistakes in the background tiles


-Fixed an issue where enemies wouldn't get knocked back if they bumped into each other, which made the game much harder


- Fixed a bug where opening the inventory would sometimes heal you
- Fixed a bug where WASD controls were broken


- Initial release.


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Breath of the NES Demo_v1.3.exe 2 MB
Breath of the NES Demo_v1.2.exe 2 MB
Breath of the NES Demo_v1.1.exe 2 MB
Breath of the NES Demo_v1.exe 2 MB


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Check out my tips on how to get the secret hearts to unlock more health. I also vaguely review the game :)

This is really cool!

I am very excited to see what the full game will have to offer! I haven't beaten the demo yet, mainly because it is very late here haha. But I am looking forward to having a save feature. And also, the game runs kind of slowly compared to how fast it runs for other people, do you just think it's my computer? If not, will there be any lag fixes to this?

Can you make a browser version or one for Mac users? I would love to play your game!

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Nice game but like, saves maybe???


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Wow this is good. Everyone wanted it from just a couple screenshots and some footage shown at GDC and it's genuinely fun. You've made something special here. I've taken the main theme from BOTW and made it all 8-bit for you to use if you like, by the way. https://clyp.it/q5qxtqmh

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I already completed the demo (I think). I got wooden sword, korok leaf, iron hammer, quiver, 3 heart containers, Running Boots, Woodcutter's axe, Apple (Baked), Calamari (Cooked), Flint, 2 Bows and Arrows. Is that all?

Also, I can't wait for the full release of this game!

Is there any way of moving the log apart from pushing it? IDK what to do with it?

Hey Winter Drake, I just want to mention how awesome this game is and I hope you continue to work on it and add future updates. I've played the game 2 times full with all the available items and heart containers. It's just an overall fun and cool spin-off of LoZ:BotW. I also want to mention that it's probably not only me who is experiencing this issue, but for what ever reason I can't pick up arrows dropped by Bokoblins or other enemies. Hope you find a way to fix that bug and good luck on developing the game!

I don't do a good job communicating it in the demo, but you can only hold 24 arrows without the quiver! Once you're full, arrows don't pick up


Hi Winter Drake!

I'm a Digital speed painter who has worked on titles like Enderal (Skyrim total conversion) and some other animated television series in the US. I've been thinking about doing some art for a Zeldaish project for weeks now ever since I finished BOTW. If you wanna take a look at my portfolio it would be awesome to work on some pieces for your lil prototype and try and get some real fan help on it! make it look more legit! Private message me on DA if your down.

This game is great while I'm waiting to get my switch and BOTW, so thank you for making this fun little game

I have my switch, BotW, the pro controller, and I stumb;e upon this and I play it with my pro controller xD

I played version 1.3 when the V2 version came out? And that in this version has the customization of the link and some way of the link to climb the mountains and have the scenes of the original game and the divine srines and beast pls

I dont know where else to put this but i found a bug, if you take the bow and arrow then drop it from your inventory it doubles the amount of arrows in the bow once you pick it back up


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I love the game so far, and I know it is a demo and in development, but I have noticed very noticeable framerate drops when there is lots of fires in grass or trees. Also just a few lag spikes for seemingly no reason.


It's not possible to save in the demo. Also, I'm aware that the demo has awful optimisation. I've already doubled the framerate in the next version!!

Cannot wait for more updates, will saving be a feature in the future?

Of course! In a 30 minute demo it's not a huge deal, but in a full length game, it's a necessity!!

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I urge you to remove the "name your own price" option. You cannot sell someone else's intellectual property like this. Your claim that it's "just a donation" is not legally valid in Nintendo's eyes. Merely distributing this game as a free product with the Zelda start screen is also a breach of law in Nintendo's eyes. You should probably replace all references to Zelda and Zelda items (e.g. korok leaves) with your own names, and then you should be legally safe to ask for money.

Btw... I really want to play this :p


If nintendo asks me to stop producing this as a fan-game, I'm happy to comply, but I don't believe that accepting personal donations is the same thing as charging money for the product

OH GEEZ. Death my swordy skeleton, the bane of my existence, just like the first time I played original Zelda. I absolutely LOVE this. I know that Nintendo will C&D this shit at some point but honestly this is a WONDERFUL tribute to the original, and while I haven't played BotW, I'm sure it probably is a great tribute to that as well.


Great game but please add saving like in every Zelda game!


Dude this is crazy awesome! Can't wait to see where it goes. I was wondering if getting a new heart container is supposed to fully heal you like they do in most Zelda games? And do apples regrow on trees? When I found myself low on health with no more food or octoroks to kill I had no choice but to continue on with a half a heart and ended up dying to the moblins in the forest. The other thing is are you supposed to be able to pick up arrows? Iv'e noticed that they fall on the ground but I don't seem to be able to pick them up most of the time. Anyway thanks for making my day!


Yeah man, replace these sprites ASAP and just avoid the trouble. This is already fun as is, and we don't want to see you get Nintendo'd hard! Keep up the good work!

AMAZING! The only suggestion I can think of is maybe the sheikah slate and runes? (Possibly even shrines in the future)

It's probably wise not to ask for donations, since that would be considered making money of off Nintendo's IP.


I don't think donations work that way. I'm not making money off of the game, people are giving me money to support my future endeavors. The product is entirely free

You are still receiving money by way of a game that uses Nintendo IP. It's dumb but your game will likely still be taken down by Itch corp when Nintendo gets word of it. Just change a few sprites and the game's name and you should be clear.

A final version of the game will have totally overhauled original graphics and characters.

Honest man, its epic. Don't risk yourself get taken down by some laywers and make your own IP out of that game instead. You shall go far with this.

Hi :D,

Question, are you looking for any help on the programming/development side?

Fantastic stuff so far, but can you save? I was thinking it had to do with campfires but I really can't figure it out.

No saving in the demo, but there will be in the final game!

Burning apple trees in the actual game gets you baked apples? I might have to go and try that now...

BTW awesome job on the game. I haven't played it yet, but just looking at the videos some people have posted it looks absolutely incredible.

Definitely donating some money to you gameplay unplayed just to encourage this sort of development.

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$5 to you, Sir or Madam, in support of your endeavors. Hopefully itch.io doesn't take much of a cut out of that. And hopefully Nintendo doesn't take notice of your project. :P

thanks so much! 😁

Hello Winterdrake. My name is keaton curnutte and I am a musician. Guitar keys and vocals. Deep interest in doing 8-bit retro music. Email me at azzarath1@yahoo.com and I can send you a sample. Love what you've done here! Also interested in making games so just let me know if you want ideas as well. Thanks for your time.


That's awesome !! But please could you make an macOS and Linux version please ?


exporting to Mac requires me to own a mac computer of my own, and exporting to Linux would be expensive in exchange for only about 0.02%of gamers


Do it for your fans man ! Your game is awesome! and Linux gamers don't represents only 0.02%


Still under 1%

Are you doing this in Haxe?

That's awesome !! But please could you make an macOS and Linux version please ?


Great Demo! Great JOB! stay doing things like that! so GAMY! ;P

Great game. I was wondering what you are using to develop it? Are you using a development tool such as Unity, or just building it from the ground up with C++ or something like that?

I use Game Maker Studio. It's an awesome program, I was able to create the demo in only a few weeks

Okay cool, thanks.

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