A downloadable game

Nintendo has asked me to take stop hosting the game. The project will live on, just not with Zelda characters. Follow the progress on twitter!

After being inspired by Nintendo's 2D prototype of Breath of the Wild, I've decided to try out making my own fan-game! Breath of the NES offers a new adventure in the classic Zelda style, but with smooth animations and a more interactive world!

The demo lets you play around in a mini overworld, testing out the gameplay, and discovering tons of fun items! Please let me know what you think!!


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How do i dowload the game ^^ I would love to play it !

Sry for bothering some people but i'm new to this...


It's in the description. Nintendo won't let him host the game, so he had to take it down.

This Demo is very nice, but I hate that I have to replay the whole Demo when I was killed...   Sorry for the bad English 

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tu peut sauvegarder en cliquant sur le petit symbole (s/c) en haut, tu as le choix de le sauvegarder en ligne ou avec un code, tu as une sauvegarde auto tous les 10min, lorsque tu tue tous les ennemies d'une map ils disparaissent, mais il y a la lune de sang qui les fait réapparaître.

pour ma langue, je suis français, ton ordinateur te traduit automatiquement mon texte et connaissant google traduction, il traduit toujours tous de travers.

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Je vous propose une version demo faite en deux semaines pour remplacer celui là

https: //scratch.mit.edu/projec ...

This game has a lot of potential and I really enjoyed playing it :) Can't wait for more updates to come, so excited to see what new things will be added to this game!

Oh my gosh i'm so sad this got shut down ;-;

Version 1.3 is on TPB


link please

Hello, I really wanted this game i thought you could change the name not Zelda Breath Of The NES because like you said Nintendo doesn't want you selling the game so i thought you could just change the name and then you won't be attacked by Nintendo! justing saying btw i REALLLY want this game!!!!

Can somebody who previously downloaded it put a mirror up or post it on piratebay please?

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I have 1.3 version downloaded, but from what i know, there were higher version before deleting link to download, but if you want i can put a mirror\

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Could you? That would be awesome, I just hear about this and I am super bummed I won't even get a chance to play it.



Can you update the game under a different post in the future so I can get to keep the current build in my files?

Exactly my thought

Winterdrake im gonna make a twitter account and im gonna help you to make a adventrure game like breath fo teh wild

so sad this got shut down

Expected this day one, the more you talk before something is ready the more you're going to risk losing it.

Cannot believe folks still don't know how to shut up until something is done.

We've lost a lot of cool fan projects thanks to impatience.

ye and Nintendo being greedy with their characters

Well that's one thing, but it has a lot to do with how copyright law works as well.

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Have you ever thought that Winter intended for this to happen? Of course he knew if it got big enough Nintendo would stop it, but it being a 2D top-down remake of a huge title such as BOTW is great to publicize the game. there was already a plan to make new sprites before Nintendo did anything, and I would say that the early versions brought a lot of attention to his project, I would say this is a HUGE success so far, wouldn't you?

Well, there's a couple of thoughts...

a) I will keep condemning the concept or premature fanfare. (various reasons)

b) good theory and might be very true

c) the new sprites could still be just the dev getting cold feet ahead of time, but well after making the game public. I'm not saying that's the reason definitely, but then again nobody can look into the dev's mind. Just a theory.

d) Yes, a huge success indeed.

this may sound stupid but wheres THE download link?

nvvr mind they say that they closed this really sad

By The Way Im a graphics designer and i tried making my own games i had very good textures to start with but had no knowledge to code

How do I get version 2? I only saw 1.3 when I downloaded previously though v2 vid was on site.

v2 never got finished 😥




Im your biggest fan, can i help u to make this game i love to make games

i really appreciate the support!😁 If you want to help out with anything, let me know on Twitter! Thank you!!

Sorry but i have no twitter

Then make one, easy peacy

How to download or play this game of zelda


You cant download it anymore

What are you using as programming language

I'm programming the game in Game Maker Studio!

Hey winterdrake, first off big fan of The Breath of the NES its wildly entertaining even as bare bones as it is (its a shame you got shut down), second are you using GSM2? Also is there any way to IM you directly, I'm working on a project myself and was wondering if I could get your input and pick your brain.

im using GMS1 although I'm probably going to be forced to switch to GMS2 later in development. Contact me on Twitter if you'd like to chat!

ok, unfortunately I don't have a twitter but if you'd like I just set up this email t.wrecks922@gmail.com hit me up, thanks


Thanks for hosting this game winterdrake. I heard about Breath of the NES today. I guess im a little too late, but I hope it works out man.


How do you download plz help no idea how

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"Nintendo has asked me to stop hosting the game. "

You can't get it anymore

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You can't send us a link (MEGA, Mediafire or else) for download the game ? ( here my twitter : @xenobryne ) please give me the fan made :'

If I did, they could bring me to court😕

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even on twitter ( DM ) ? After if you can't no problem, i will wait for a probably future official Zelda BotW 2D version

Anywhere my friend, the law applies there too.

You'll have more luck finding someone else who downloaded it in time to share it with you.

Too bad we're having this conversation, but it was a matter of time. Next time finish the game and drop it on torrent.


any reason you posted the trailer and a bunch of periods?

Probably that you posted a trailer of something that anyone could have guessed was just a matter of time until the wrong guys caught wind... A trailer to something that smells like C&D material

how do i download the demo?

read the first sentence on the page; Nintendo shut the project down so you can't anymore


coool game just like the original


The legend of Zelda: The Breath of the Nes

Hello ramirovasquez91, i send you this comments, because you've download the Breath of the NES demo, and i wanted to know, if it was possible to get a download link from you ?

yep, i was able to download it with out any problems

i upload it here, try to see if it works - https://ufile.io/4vty2

Hey! I'd be happy to compose music!!!!!


yeahhhh..... Its is Amazing!! iLOve you work... I recorded a quick video of your demo, it's really ....WWWOOOOWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Deleted post

Hello skadeus, i send you this comments, because you've download the Breath of the NES demo, and i wanted to know, if it was possible to get a download link from you ?

or the game could be call new light the starring light and the bad guy dark he took your sister dawn

Wow i like this idea

hey there should be like a horse or something to ride


May I suggest, Legend of Helga, starring Zinc.

I'll counter with Legend of Melba starring Mink. ;)

Magnificent! Really looking forward to see how this game shapes.

By the way, any chance to see ride able animals, swimming mechanics or hazardous climatic regions? It would truly be one of a kind then.

Hello imranfarid, i send you this comments, because you've download the Breath of the NES demo, and i wanted to know, if it was possible to get a download link from you ?

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Sorry I can't support us, but the game looks amazing, I will be attentive.

Are you gonna add all the items, shrines, famous locations, armor, etc

Will you also add custom items that you made to make the game unique

Also, will you inclued all the physics such as rolling balls from the actual game

I was wondering if you made a boomerang with proper 'boomerang-physics'

i was going to add a boomerang in the next version. What do you mean by proper boomerang physics?

I would assume he meant throwing it and having it go in a sort of loop type of motion and come back to you as a real boomerang would, something that none of the top down zelda games captured

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sounds more realistic, but it would also make it really annoying to aim

That is true, but it would also add another aspect of difficulty

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Check out this video I found:

I do not own this video, game or other content: I just thought it was cool/funny and wanted to share it with you guys!

Hey WinterDrake, I was wondering if you re you the only dev or do you work with a team?

I'm the main developer, though I'm going to be having people help out with the music and graphics :)

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